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Pure Frame Kit
Pure LFO The <a href="">GMSN! Pure LFO</a> is a real workhorse module. The sine, triangle and square outputs can be used as a control voltage, clock source or patched into the audio path for bass or drum synthesis.
Pure Quantiser The <a href="">GMSN! Pure Quantiser</a> takes an analogue CV in and converts it to musical scales. LED buttons control exactly what notes in the scale will play. By selecting all the notes in a minor scale, this is the scale that will play. The level of controls enables the user to play any scale and any mode.
Pure Power Strip The <a href="">Pure Power Strip</a> is a very powerful Eurorack power supply module. It supplies ±12V and 5V at 1.7A and also has a host of protection features, ensuring your rig and modules stays safe.
Escher Panels
Pure Noise The <a href="">GMSN! Pure Noise</a> outputs 4 different colours of noise: Pink, White, Red, Brown.
Pure Sample & Hold The <a href="">GMSN! Pure Sample and Hold</a> is often paired with Noise source to create randomly changing CV. This can then be patched into a VCO to create random sequences or, with more subtle use, to create “life-like” fluctuations, giving a more human feel to synthesised sounds.
Pure Sequencer The <a href="">GMSN! Pure Sequencer</a> is used for creating melodies, hooks and riffs. The 8 sliders set the note to be played, which can be played in turn, randomly or pendulum (forward, then reverse, then forward, etc). Each step also has a gate out, which could be used to trigger drums or notes on specific beats.
Pure ADSR The <a href="">GMSN! Pure ADSR</a> module is used to create CV envelope, which can be patched into other eurorack modules to control pitch, filter cutoff and volume. These are either triggered externally or manually via the trigger button.
Pure VCA The <a href="">GMSN! Pure VCA</a> is a real workhorse module, used to control the volume or amplitude of an audio or CV signal. This is controlled either by the offset knob, or automatically using a control voltage.
Safety Valve
Pure VCO The <a href="">GMSN! Pure VCO</a> is a classic analogue sound source. It has saw, triangle and pulse outs, with coarse and fine control of the frequency across the whole audio range right down to LFO frequencies. The pulse width can be set from 0 - 100% with 50% being square wave out. There is also 1 volt per octave CV In, FM In with control of the level, PWM in, again with control of the level and an Audio Sync In.
Pure VCF The <a href="">GMSN! Pure VCF</a> is used to filter two incoming audio signals. This can be done manually using the cutoff knob or automatically using control voltages. There is also a feedback knob controlling the resonance. This causes an amplification of the signal at the cutoff frequency, giving the classic squelchy acid sounds. The feedback can also make the filter self oscillate providing a very clean sine wave output, with temperature compensation. This sine wave can be calibrated to 1 volt per octave.

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